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Soul Retrieval
& Past Life Regression

Individual one on one fortnightly Shamanic Journey Soul Retrieval & Past Life Regression sessions via in studio and online methods, which makes this program accessible to clients anywhere in the world.

As the Shaman, Deb will lead you in a voyage of self discovery into the spirit realm, connecting you to your ancestors and spirit guides.  Each session begins with a 15 minute spiritual consultation. As the Shaman Deb converses with spirit guides, your ancestors and the enlightened masters and teachers, who use her as a vehicle to deliver your message to you.

This program is for you:

  • If you feel disassociated from your true self
  • Are requiring deep spiritual healing from past trauma
  • Would like to connect to your ancestors
  • Are interested in delving into your past lives for healing
  • Are ready to release yourself from ancestral beliefs and patterns

In each session you will be guided in a Shamanic Journey. This is a deep meditative experience which opens the doorway to the three realms. Allowing you to travel to a past life or lives, to connect to your spirit guides, your ancestors, enlightened masters and teachers. A Shamanic Journey allows for that deeper connection to self at a primal elemental state for healing, guidance, direction, clarity and answers.