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Workshops with Deb

Deb's Workshops

Deb's workshops are interactive.  Shamanic Practices go hand in hand with the teachings you will be receiving at the event.  You will have the opportunity to participate and experience various Shamanic practices such as a Shamanic Journey.  A Shamanic Journey is a deep transformational meditative experience, which opens the doorway to the three spiritual realms.  Where you can access healing, guidance, direction, clarity and answers from your spirit guides and ancestors.

The Shaman's Ancient Wisdom

The Shaman's Ancient Wisdom are in room workshops held every two months.  Teachings include Healing Your Soul, Inner Child Healing, Disrupting Patterns and Delve into Past Lives.  These workshops are interactive providing an experience for participants of ancient Shamanic practices.

In Person

The Shaman's Circle

The Shaman's Circle is a monthly online experience, where you can access Shamanic teaching and Shamanic Journeys from anywhere in the world via Zoom.  Shamanic teachings such as Soul Retrieval, Healing from Childhood Trauma, Past Life Regression are showcased every two months.  Shamanic Journeys are facilitated every other month.  A Shamanic Journey is a deep meditative experience disrupting patterns, connecting you to your spirit guides and ancestors, activating deep seated healing.